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The Art of Rule

When heads of states forget that they were chosen to serve the people
And deem themselves irreplaceable,
the Common Sense of our time.
When justice is no longer a good for all but exacted in currency and paid with influence.
When democracy is just a useful tool to establish a regime
by turning an election into a coup d’état
and make it fashionable for the 193 nations‘ club – a serpent among other snakes.
Who would not like to be an honorable juntaman?
Then, it’s foreign aggressors, whenever change is called for and the institutional robbery laid bare,
As if the enemy within a state were not often the elite elect itself.
Then, it’s an internal affair when rulers become erasers.
Backed by profits for those who collect the fortunes of war.
Playing the waiting game – diplomacy becoming a state of war by other means.
Then, those who swore to serve and protect, are asked to only serve.
And government pits its employees against each other to uphold its order,
and Human Rights are left behind and protest’s renamed terror.
Then, societies collide and powerless fear each other more than those who force their coffers open.
And on the news they say the opposition is  divided. Unresolved – a farce! How could it not be, when their hunger cries out of a thousand angry throats, whereas united only is the greed in man.