Hashtagged be thy name

#AGeneration grown to feed tomorrow’s algorithms we stop being content with the now and lose ourselves in virtualities of those we follow. Deceiving ourselves that clicks and likes and mentions can ultimately save our digital souls like ghosts in machines we find it boring to be bored and lazy to be idle. If #silenceisgolden social is noise.

We float through endless streams of smiling faces desperately struggling to impress an oblivious audience that is too busy breaking reality into shards and fragments of personal truths and unsolicited opinions. We are happy and new and shiny modern and inclusive and believe not the bot that has no name and his name is #.

We are proactively productive the belt workers of our age we work over-time and free-time and spare-time for minimum wages molding and forming and sharing content after content to feed the beast and 666 likes are 30 content pieces of silver are 1 of #10thingsthatyouwillnotbelieve. And for a positive rating we will spend all our bonus miles to catch a falling star.

We earn our living by selling ourselves. Yet we are more and more is always good. More options than we can chose from more #fakenews than we can factcheck more friends than we can hope to dislike and more freedom to speak of in dark nets cute cats and spiders crawling worldwidewebs. Our url a gurgle on google belching and our search for our inner self delivers no results. But others who also had an interest in themselves lost it all in the filter bubble of the stock market.

It is becoming a small small world so small that we might be caught in it. #Beijng our own jailors we validate each others‘ time stamps and monitor our blues and twin checkmarks.

And may we not picture your avatar. Do not leak our data as we do not leak the data of our followers. Hashtagged be thy name. Your name be clear and your status active for ever and ever. Emen.

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